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Hello everyone, this is Puffie's first blog post! 😃 There's some frequently asked questions that mama received from you guys, but some times mama can't reply one by one. So mama decided to answer your questions with some photos here : 💌

Q1 : General info about Puffie 

Puffie was born on 13/02/2017, today officially a 6 months old baby boy. We are staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Puffie was a birthday gift from my boyfriend. I met him on 06/06/2017 and created an instagram account for him on 07/06/2017 to record his growth progress and also to share the funny things that he does.

Q2 : Puffie is a miniature chow chow? is he mixed ? is he going to stay this size or he has full grown now?

Puffie is a pure breed chow chow, but he is much smaller than the normal chow now. Vet told us his small body size is just because the breeder use smaller breed of chow to breed, so he is not mixed. Normally they will stop growing after 1 year old, so Puffie is still growing 😊

Q3 : What is Puffie's weight?

Puffie's weight is 4.9kg now. From that day I met him until now, he gained about 2.5kg! He is a fat boy now haha!

Q4 : Why his tongue is black?

Chow chow has black/dark purple colour tongue, so as well as Puffie. He is not sick, so don't worry about that 😁

Q5 : How would you describe Puffie's personality?

If you say Puffie is mixed, I would say that he mixed Persian cat hahaha! *except the eyes not so big. LOL*

Because he is white & fluffy and his character is like a cat! Puffie is very calm but very stubborn. He is not active like poodle or pomeranian..Puffie only bark when he is very hungry or when I disturb him by blow air on his face. He feel very annoyed when I do that haha. Puffie is very stubborn. He only do what they want/like to do. He will barely listen to your instruction unless you have food on hand LOL. 

Puffie is very sluggish. 70% of his routine like this 😴:

but some times he can be very active. He will run around when he is happy 😄:

Q6 : Is chow chow difficult to train? 

Yes, chow chow is difficult to train as they are very stubborn. They don't obey most of the time. Unless you have food on your hand as I said just now 😎 Otherwise you call his name thousand times also he will not come to you(most of the time) lol. Depends on his mood. Maybe not all chow chow like that, but YES for Puffie haha.

Q7 : Is Chow chow aggressive?

Yes, chow chow is aggressive. I know most of Puffie's video is very clumsy and cute..not aggressive at all. But actually he does, so have to train well since they are small. I am still learning to manage this 😅

Q8 : Why don't you bring Puffie go outdoor?

Puffie just done his second vaccination and gonna done the third one end of this month. So he cannot go out before that. It is very dangerous to go out and mix with other dogs if he hasn't get the vaccination done, that is why we only keep him in the house for now. We can't wait to bring him out to the park for a run too! 🐕🐾 

He is very excited every time we bring him out! (even just go out to bath or go veterinary clinic for check up, pity baby).

Q9 : What does Puffie like & don't like? 

As you can see, Puffie love to eat and sleep as he still cannot go out now hahaha. Let me update you guys few months later 😄 There's no food that Puffie doesn't like for now. He eat everything LOL.

But actually Puffie's stomach wasn't feeling well two days later. So no more durian for Puffie 😢 Btw, he is alright now. So no worries.

As I mentioned just, he don't like I blow air on his face. He feel very annoyed when I do that.

Q10 : I want to have a chow chow too! 

As I said, chow chow is quite aggressive and don't really obey. So if you wish to teach your dog a lot of tricks, chow chow will not be a good choice for you as they don't really listen most of the time. Chow chow can grow to a huge size in short time. Don't just love them when they are small. Have to be careful of their eyes, skin and bone, especially when they grow old. Have to brush them often to avoid matted fur. You are gonna take the responsibility to take care of them for about 10 years long, so think carefully before buying. and please not abandon them when they have problems or get old next time.

Hope you guys can get to know more about Puffie after reading this post :) xoxo ♥


  1. puffie is exactly like my dog, really stubborn, never comes when i call his name, likes to sleep a lot, only does commands when theres food, only barks when theres food, and only runs around when hes really happy. Although my dog is not aggressive and hes a corgi sheltie mix.

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  3. Thanks for your blog! I love seeing puffie. I also have a chow chow. He is 13 now and weighs about 65 lbs. yes they are stubborn but mine is the sweetest boy to everyone but don't hurt his mama or he will get mad. We call him bear cause he looks just like a black bear. Chow chows are extremely loyal. Bear never wants to leave my side but oh he is stubborn. When he goes for car rides he only wants to ride in the front seat. Keep us updated puffie is too cute:)

  4. I'm happy to see all the love and care you're giving to Puffie! Along with making it clear to anyone interested in a chow (or any puppy) to research well and prepare for ALL responsibilities for one! And poor Puffie loving Durian but his tummy can't take it! I can't wait to see the update where he finally gets to play outside the first time! <3

  5. I've had several chows and they were not very aggressive if you keep them well socialized. They also were stubborn and they were all pretty lazy. A female I had was only 42 lbs and she was pretty laid back.

  6. Poor little soul going to miss seeing him on Instagram. 😭☹️

  7. Oh no, how did he die? He looked so healthy and happy. :(

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  8. I think she said he choked while they were out. 😢


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