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Hello everyone, this is Puffie's first blog post! 😃 There's some frequently asked questions that mama received from you guys, but some times mama can't reply one by one. So mama decided to answer your questions with some photos here : 💌

Q1 : General info about Puffie 

Puffie was born on 13/02/2017, today officially a 6 months old baby boy. We are staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Puffie was a birthday gift from my boyfriend. I met him on 06/06/2017 and created an instagram account for him on 07/06/2017 to record his growth progress and also to share the funny things that he does.

Q2 : Puffie is a miniature chow chow? is he mixed ? is he going to stay this size or he has full grown now?

Puffie is a pure breed chow chow, but he is much smaller than the normal chow now. Vet told us his small body size is just because the breeder use smaller breed of chow to breed, so he is not mixed. Normally they will stop growing after 1 year old, so Puffie is still growing 😊

Q3 : What is …